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Waste Management Systems

Fixed waste management systems in the Industrial Zone of Brindisi:

In 2018 SIR realized and activated for service in an area of 22,000 square metres,  a system for the recovery of non-hazardous waste in conformity with the Autorizzazione Unica Ambientale law no. 131 of 10/12/2014.  The system has a capacity for up to 177,000 tonnes of waste annually and allows for the disposal of the multiple situations related to a circular economy.

In addition, work is in a progress for the realisation of a further system to handle the inertization, mixing, and solidification of sludge classified as non-hazardous special waste, currently awaiting the Managerial Authorization Provision n.” of 15/01/2018 of  he Servizio Ecologia e Ambiente of the Province of Brindisi.

Waste collection and transportation, waste recovery and disposal with their specific platforms.

At the new site in Portoscuso a new polyfunctional platform is awaiting authorisation for the treatment and recovery of different categories of waste; divided into five distinct system lines:

  • Treatment and recovery of road clearing waste
  • Inertization/stabilization of hazardous waste and non (sludge, slag, ash etc)
  • Selection and Pressing of non-hazardous special waste derived from recycling and non (paper and cardboard, plastic packaging)
  • Volume reduction of bulky waste
  • Storage and grouping of hazardous waste and non, sorted into pacages for successive recovery and disposal.
  • Pressing for mineral wool and artificial glass fibres.

In addition to the permanent systems, SIR provides various mobile treatment systems for authorized waste, for example: centifuges, filter presses, shredders and evaporators.



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